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What is SIX to SUCCESS (S2S)?
Success and results for both MIND and BODY! 

  • Private, supportive, encouraging and active FB forum.

  • Daily motivation, mindset and goal setting tasks.

  • UNLIMITED GYM CLASSES for your time in the program. 

  • Easy to follow meal guides providing you with plenty of choices (over 70 meal ideas!) - all family friendly! 

  • Bonus vegan/vegetarian meal guide (49 pages) to now carer for both vegans, vegetarians and those looking to transition.

  • Full training plan for at home (no equipment needed).

  • Gym plans for both beginner and advanced.

  • $400 value in prizes to the winner.

At Mind & Body Fitness we believe that your health and happiness should not be out of reach because of finances which is why we now offer A PAYMENT PLAN - AS WELL AS 1 EASY UPFRONT PAYMENT- Making it accessible to everyone!

We pride ourselves on our commitment to teach and inspire our clients to live their best life, providing them with the knowledge so that they can make the healthiest choices for them and their families.

We strongly believe that healthy begins from within and we want to help you be your best version of you, from the inside out!

S2S is so much more than a lifestyle program, it really is a way of living. You are in control of you and we want to help you reach your goals by providing you with the tools that will help you get there. 


Our program is suitable for all ages, adaptable to every family, night shift workers, fussy eaters, full time parents, couples the list goes on! Join thousands of successful members who have walked away with a new found confidence and a positive outlook on the way they see food and exercise. The weight they lost, the friends they gained and most importantly they graduate from S2S healthy in both MIND AND BODY!
If you would like a phone call to discuss further, please contact Courtney.
Our S2S program runs every 7 weeks without fail!! So next time, JUMP on in. We would LOVE to help you!

COST: $265 UPFRONT OR payment plans available for $275 



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