DEB, Launceston

I have been working with Mick and having personal training sessions for almost a year now and I absolutely love every session. The sessions are always different and they push me to be a stronger version of myself. I walk away feeling empowered every single time. I can honestly say that I feel fit and strong and confident, through my work with Mick.


CASSIE, Launceston

I have been going to Courtney and Mick for about 4 years now. I attend PT with Mick every week. He has never been judgemental and makes me feel comfortable going in to do a session with him. Mick and Courtney are the best in the business who are not only my "fitness trainers" but two people who I now consider very close friends of mine. I would not want to go anywhere else and I recommend you giving them a go! You never know, you may make some pretty special friends as well.


MIKE, Launceston

I kicked off my weight loss journey and jumped into PT with Mick every Saturday. Mick has given me the motivation and commitment to stick to an ongoing weight loss plan. Mick has a great knowledge and a wide variety of training ideas that has pushed me but more importantly, has seen me improve each session. It is great to see Mick every week to ensure I stay on track. My fitness is better than ever and I have lost a lot of weight. I highly suggest PT sessions to keep you on track and a reason for you to keep coming back.


JUSTIN, Launceston

I cannot say enough nice things about Mick. He is personable, professional and extremely knowledgeable. The Mind and Body Fitness gym is beautiful and clean and I love that training is 1:1 in a supportive environment. I have already learned so much about my body and have completed workouts I never thought I could do before. Mick challenges you but makes it fun and switches it up every session. I have never had a workout go sa fast! I cannot recommend Micks personal training enough.


AMANDA (MUM OF 11 YEAR OLD FEMALE MUAY THAI PT CLIENT), Launceston My daughter has done Muay Thai PT training with Mick since the start of 2019. Her self confidence has gone forwards and her incredible amount of skill has progressed so much. Mick is a great trainer, and is able to break the skills down to be able to teach an 11 year old whilst still making it fun. Mondays are my daughters favourite day of the week, thanks to Mick!


JANE, Deviot

PT's at Mind and Body Fitness are AWESOME !The sessions are to suit you, your level of fitness, working around your injuries and helping you to become stronger and healthier. I have been doing PT with Mick for around 5 years now and look forward to every single one because they are always different, challenging and rewarding. The encouragement and support I receive from Mick and Courtney is endless and they are always happy to help and work with you. PT sessions are a great way to get back into fitness of if you want to push yourself a bit harder or work a specific area. Mind and Body Fitness is the place to give it a go!


SHARON, Newnham

My journey with Mind and Body Fitness started in about 2013 with a friend doing 1x one on one PT session a week. I hadn't done any exercise for a long time. I started going to a commercial gym by myself a few months before that, but I struggled not knowing what to do or be motivated to be there. My life needed to change, I was sick of being lazy and overweight. The more PT sessions I did, the more I got hooked and increased my PT sessions to twice a week. The best part was, I was loving exercise again and have lost weight and centimetres. Courtney and Mick are fantastic people. Without them I would not have the knowledge or strength to change my life. Courtney and Mick are both fantastic trainers. They are inspiring and motivating and when I am training, I feel like I can do anything. Thank you for your guidance with fitness and nutrition, with you both as my Trainers, my road to changing my life doesn't seem so long and I am loving the changes I am making and I have you both to thank for that.



NETTY, Kings Meadows 
Mind and Body Fitness really is more than a gym.. as the merch states - it truly is Team M&BF!
Everyone that turns up genuinely wants to be there and have a crack and do it in a fun, caring environment. 
Mick and Courtney don't judge. They accommodate all fitness levels and know that some days you cant mentally or physically give 100% - but you turned up and are grateful that you did. 
I have been a member at 5 different gyms in Launceston and even 1 internationally for a year, and hand on heart - this is the best one I have ever stepped foot in. 
Courtney and Mick CARE. My fellow gym goers CARE and we are a motley crew family that have fun with the same goal - to be fit and healthy.
The best part - we all know that looks different for each and everyone of us!

MEAGHAN, Launceston 
I have been a member of Mind and Body Fitness for two years, I had joined other gyms before but they never lasted the distance. WHY?
- Mind and Body is a family run gym who cares about their members and treats them like family. 
- As the name suggests, they don't just look after your body, but your mind as well. 
- I can turn up wearing my daggiest cheapest gym gear and no one cares.
- No fears of being embarrassed when you are bigger and exercising. This was my biggest fear and honestly no one is looking at you or cares what you look like being unco in the corner! 
- The personal care Courtney and Mick show towards their members, and it is genuine. 
I challenge you to find another gym who can tick off all of these! I bet you can't! 

CAROL, Dilston 
If you are looking for a friendly, positive, supportive gym to train in, well this is the gym for you. The classes are fantastic and the gyms facilities are great. I find Courtney and Mick very approachable and helpful. Thank you for always pushing me to reach my goals! 

FIONA, Launceston
I have been a member of Mind and Body Fitness for over two years now. The best move I ever made was joining this gym, its not like any other gym! You feel so supported whether you are just working out in the gym or in a class.  Not only does Mind and Body Fitness take care of your fitness, but your mindset as well. Every time I leave a class, I feel more positive and energized to get through the day. Courtney and Mick are just pure awesome! 

KYLIE, Dilston
Mind and Body Fitness is a super positive environment to train in. Courtney and Mick are friendly, supportive and 110% committed to helping people reach their goals. If you are looking to train somewhere with a positive vibe, good people, variety and affordability - then look no further! 
KAYLA, Kings Meadows 
Since I joined the Mind and Body Fitness family in 2014, Mick and Courtney have always been my #1 supporters in my weight loss/fitness journey and in all areas of my life! I consider them both friends and all the gym members are like extended family! It's not only a great gym but its a supportive and motivating environment. Thank you Courtney and Mick! 
NERIDY, Launceston 
If you are looking for a family friendly gym then look no further. Mind and Body Fitness is like no other gym I have been too. Courtney and Mick genuinely care about you. They are helpful, friendly and supportive. I look forward to exercising and my children love going to the child minding room. I cannot recommend Mind and Body Fitness highly enough! 

DEANNA, Prospect 
I have been going to Courtney & Mick's 6am FitCamp since it started in 2014 and the fact I'm still going speaks volumes! Fitness has never been as fun or a varied as it is at FitCamp. I have lost weight, increased my fitness tenfold, and have increased energy and concentration for the rest of the day afterwards. The best and most awesome thing about FitCamp is that it really is for everyone. Young or old, fitness fanatic or couch potato - it doesn't matter because Courtney and Mick understand and appreciate that we all have different capabilities and limits and set out their sessions to be friendly to everyone. No one is left behind and that is simply fantastic. We're like a big happy, sweaty family!

AMRITA, Kings Meadows
A family owned business that cares for you like family. I joined 20 months ago and Mind and Body Fitness has become a part of my life. Both Courtney and Mick are great coaches, not just trainers. They are always prepared to go that extra step. The classes are excellent. A great tribe with great vibes! I cannot see myself without them. Always Inspiring. I am a member for life!!!!! 

MERILYN, Evandale 
Finding motivation to go to Mind and Body Fitness has never been hard. It is such a warm and friendly environment. Mick and Courtney have always been encouraging and supportive, helping me to change my attitude towards fitness and making it fun! It is a family friendly gym and has given me the confidence and courage to push myself and become a role model for my family. Thank you for being so much more than just trainers! 




TESSA, Kings Meadows
I am 60 and have been a Six to Success member for a few repeat cycles now. I started not being able to shift weight for a year or more and I have now lost weight and cm with the S2S support. To do that, I have had 24/7 support from both Courtney and Mick, both via social media closed forums and face to face. They are always positive, never judgemental and always encouraging. They gym they have built feels like family when you walk in. The program includes eating plans, accountability posts, mindset rejigging, classes, access to the whole gym and so much more. The genuineness of our gym leaders and friends, Courtney and Mick - speaks for itself. Give yourself the chance to be your best you... fitter, healthier, happier and with a bigger circle of friends who care about you. You wont regret it. 

EMMA, Launceston 
I joined Six to Success ten weeks after having my second child at the age of 37. I felt so lost inside my body, like it wasn't my own and I needed to find myself again. I needed to feel comfortable in my skin and to start the process of loving my body again. I found S2S to be the perfect combination of mindset, nutrition and exercise. The guides were simple and easy to follow and classes were exactly what I needed. The daily mindset challenges kept me accountable and at the end of the six weeks I was blown away by the results that I could see! 
After a 2nd round of S2S, my body was mine! I loved the changes I saw in the mirror and my body is the healthiest, strongest and fittest it possibly ever has been. This program works and this gym is the real deal. Courtney and Mick genuinely care about their clients. 

JANE, Launceston 
I joined S2S in May 2018 hoping to get rid of a few kg and improve my fitness. What I have received is so much more! 
I have lost 25kg and have a new outlook on exercise and actually miss it when I can/t get to a class! But overall, the best thing is that my mental health has improved out of sight. The forum is so supportive and Courtney sets you challenges to get out of your comfort zone which boots you enormously when you give it a go. Thank you Courtney and Mick, you have given me so much! 

ANIKA, Launceston 
I honestly could not recommend Mind and Body Fitness and in particular, their Six to Success program highly enough. Courtney and Mick have created a gym that is so supportive and inclusive and my husband and I both love the classes! Since starting the S2S program in December 2018, I have lost over 20kg and the challenges set by Courtney have challenged me to get outside of my comfort zone and inspired me to work towards my dreams. The support, encouragement and inspiration you get from the other members in the group is amazing! 

BEC, Legana 
Six to success is like nothing I've ever done before, and believe me I've tried EVERYTHING! This is NOT a diet, it is an education in health and well being that teaches you a whole new way to live your life to be mentally, physically and spiritually healthy. When I first joined the program I was 105kg and gaining weight steadily. I was at the point where it felt like the job was 'too big' to achieve. I had 40kgs to loose and it just felt impossible. I was part of the s2s family for 6 months and lost 25kgs. I had a little break while I had my second child and am now back to shift the baby weight, and get working towards my goal again. I believe there are 3 core reasons why this program works, let me tell you about them:
1: The support and friendships you gain from this program are second to none. It is the major difference between this program to all the others. The numbers are limited so you can be supported personally, you are not just another number here at s2s. You can go online, download menus and workout plans, sure, but you won't get the same results, because the support is the most rewarding part, and keeps you accountable and supported through your journey. If improving your well being was easy we'd all be healthy! This is why you need a strong support system around you, and that is why I believe this program is so successful.
2: This is a holistic approach program. You will never hear Courtney telling you that you will be happy when you reach a goal weight. She is a strong believer in health, not being skinny. She offers amazing opportunities for people who are struggling with mental barriers, and emotional issues. The weight gain is so often an after effect of other issues, and this program supports gaining wellness in all areas of your life. Be happy and healthy and weight loss will naturally follow.
3: The food is enjoyable and easy to maintain. This isn't a 'diet' that you will get sick of, it's about learning how food works in the body, how to read labels, how to fuel your body and get your metabolism working. You won't find Courtney trying to sell you meals or expensive products, she isn't about that. She will teach you how to change your living to healthy and sustainable, so you can make a permanent and healthy change that lasts. I happily put my name to this and vouch for this program, if you join, and you commit to change, you will have immense SUCCESS with it.



“NLP and Time-Line Therapy ® with Courtney has been a truly enlightening and uplifting experience.

Time-Line ® Therapy helped me to uncover hurt, guilt and sadness that I had oppressed for 20 odd years!

Courtney has taught me some beautiful techniques to guide me through to happiness”



“I have almost completed my 1:1 break through with Courtney. During this time with her support and talking through, I have broken through my own barriers and am daring to dream beyond my self-limiting beliefs.  I am more confident and becoming more and more true to myself and my path. I highly recommend Courtney to anyone who feels stuck, wants to change something or to become, simply happier”




“Working with Courtney over the 6-week breakthrough program using NLP and Time-Line Therapy techniques ® really did change my life, genuinely. I had been dealing with the same faulty beliefs, negative emotions and outlook for a LONG time!

Courtney has helped me recognise, address and actively change conflicts within myself. Time-Line Therapy ® took me back to events/moments from the past that I don’t consciously remember, but turns out they did deeply affect me.

If you need help, and think no one can – Please try Courtney”



“I have known Courtney for around 3 years. We first met when I signed up to Mind and Body Fitness.

Courtney had always been someone I looked up too and had always inspired me. I have seen all of the effort that she has put into her own personal development and I have seen the rewards that it has bought her.  I have struggled my whole life with limiting beliefs such as “I am not good enough”, “I am not worthy”, “I can’t do it” etc and these have held me back.

Through working with Courtney over the 6 weeks, I was able to release my limiting beliefs and release negative emotions that I had been carrying. I have never felt lighter, letting it all go.

I have grown so much in the past 6 weeks working through all of this with Courtney’s support and guidance.

NLP is truly life changing and you have nothing to lose by organising a clarity session with Courtney.

I am truly grateful”



“NLP and Time-Line Therapy ® is an absolutely amazing experience.

I can highly recommend Courtney. Throughout the 6-week program, she is always very supportive and offers a relaxed environment.

I had become so disconnected from myself and all that I know and love. Through Courtney’s coaching and support, I broke through all of my negative emotions and limiting beliefs. I have never felt so light and my brain fog has gone.

I am forever grateful for Courtney’s guidance and support and that I made the choice to invest in myself and NLP”

 “NLP and Time-Line Therapy ® WILL change your life!!!!!  I was in an extremely low, anxiety ridden and depressed place in my life. I felt like I was not in control of my own emotions and I was struggling to get through the days.

The breakthrough program has straight up turned my whole existence around and I am now set on such an enlightened and positive path.

At times it was confronting, but worth every second of learning and releasing events that were holding me back. I will be forever grateful to Courtney.

I believe that everyone could benefit from this program and if you find yourself considering, stop the hesitation and just do it! It’s the best investment I have made in my life.

Thank you, Courtney, for your understanding, kindness and support through this whole process”


“Thank you for coaching me Courtney. I knew something had to change but didn’t know what or how. Through 6 challenging sessions, Courtney helped me to work through the core of my faulty beliefs. She helped me challenge these beliefs and helped me to recognise my truth.

The lessons that Courtney has planted are lifelong seeds that continue to flourish within me.

So, when you are ready to grow your soul, Courtney can certainly coach you to be your best self”




“Working with Courtney over the last few weeks has been absolute life changing, to say the least.  I was feeling stagnant, trapped and un happy with where I was in life and I knew I had to change something, I just didn’t know how.

Courtney helped me strip back the layers, work through my faulty beliefs and helped me to re align the separated parts of my conscious and unconscious.

I worked through incidents that I never realised I had held onto or that had such a negative impact on my mind, body and soul.

Courtney is welcoming, loving and makes the whole process straight forward, comfortable and simple.

The investment I have made in myself and my future will be forever worth it.

I will be eternally thankful for the work Courtney has helped me achieve and I am FINALLY looking forward to the rest of my life”



 “I decided to take the leap into NLP with Courtney purely because I was noticing a change in mindset and behaviour that didn’t sit well with me. I found I was in a constant rotation of feeling angry, upset and confused about my life and situations I found myself in. I couldn’t pin point what was causing it or how to change it.

I felt burnt out, tired and really at a loss on how to get myself back on track.

The breakthrough made me wake up and take notice that I have actually been at the core of my own personal anger and sadness for so long. I am so glad I have experienced personal growth in this area of my life in 2020 – It makes me sad to think about what my day-to-day life would still be like if I didn’t take the leap into these sessions”



“I did Courtney’s 1:1 program and it has been life changing. It made me realise how much I was sabotaging my own life and the relationships around me with my faulty beliefs. I have learnt so much about myself and I am enjoying learning more. Realising I am worthy and that it is safe to feel, has been massive for me. I am so grateful to have met her”



“Working with Courtney has been the best decision I have ever made.

I reached out knowing that I could not keep going the way I was, holding onto my past and relying on others for my happiness and wholeness. My life had flipped on its head and I couldn’t get over it. I was at my lowest, feeling abandoned, empty and completely broken.

I was inspired by many years by Courtney’s passion and resilience and wanted to feel this way too.

I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for Courtney’s 6-week program and unwavering support I would still be stuck holding onto the past.

I am so grateful for my second chance at life and love and I am excited for the future, one that I am well and truly worthy of and ready to embrace”



“I have just finished the 6-week breakthrough program and I am feeling amazing! I now have control in my life and I have completely changed my way of thinking. This is the best investment I have made in myself and I now have an understanding of who I actually am”



“I recently took the plunge and completed the 6-week program with Courtney. I invested in myself which was massive!

WOW, we worked through some stuff! – Thoughts and beliefs from my childhood through to now. Feelings of not being good enough, not being worthy, especially of love and feelings of shame and guilt.

Courtney taught me to trust myself again, to believe in myself and my self worth.

Courtney was so understanding.

I felt the sun on my skin for the first rime when I walked outside after one session. Can you imagine? Mind blowing!!””



“My time with Courtney has been life changing. I cannot believe all that I have learnt about myself.

She helped me see all parts of myself but also helped me to become one with myself and learnt to put myself first.

I have a different mindset towards life and I couldn’t be more thankful to Courtney for helping me on this journey.

I am clean off my medication and I feel 100% better.

I recommend Courtney and it is worth every penny if you want to move on with your life and change forever”


“Courtney goes on a journey with you. If you are feeling stuck, in a rut or need some help to reconnect with yourself, Go and see Courtney!

This experience is truly life changing, once you have seen what there is to be seen, you cannot unsee it.

I was left feeling amazing and like a huge weight has been lifted. I want to live this life and not just exist!

It’s worth it!”